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Salix Productions partnered with Ras Mikey C, Education Director of F.I.V.E. Productions to create a full-length concert of contemporary dance that explores issues of masculinity; titled Maskulinity: Unfolding Codes of Gender. Maskulinity premiered on June 23rd at the Kinsella School of Performing Arts in Hartford.

The performance challenges our culture's current notions of masculinity with the intention of asking the audience to re-define their views. Our culture currently imposes very strict confines of gender which are enforced by men, women, and children. Unfortunately, there are often negative consequences for such narrow
codes of gender such as harassment, bullying, violence and a flux of contradictions.

"Working on Maskulinity, I found myself asking the question, “Who has the market on hips?” There is a lot to think about in those two protruding bones that swivel the backside and the pelvis in multiple patterns. Shakira sings about her hips “not lying” and the late Patrick Swayze’s swiveling hips in Dirty Dancing is forever imprinted in our collective memory. But what about how women and men swivel? Men tend to thrust hips back and forth, suggesting intercourse. Women usually circulate the hips and tilt the pelvis back, lifting the backside in invitation. In Maskulinity, we reversed the roles: inviting the male dancers to swivel their hips and women to thrust theirs back and forth. It was a powerful contradiction of gender stereotypes."

(excerpt of an article published in the Summer issue of VoiceMale magazine; written by Lacey Byrne)

Dancers currently working on the project include:

Steven Ezra Marshall. Leah Moriarty . Luis Rodriquez . Jeff Shortt . Jason Thigpen. Mark Tortora. Emily Wiadro





*This project is funded in part by the PUFFIN FOUNDATION